About Margie Leopold

Owner, Breeder, Trainer and Handler of the Kuvuk Siberians.

About myself – Margie Leopold

I have had dogs all my life starting out with pets as young girl. The Siberian Husky breed has been my favourite breed since I had two Siberians while growing up as a child.

In 1987 I was introduced to dog grooming.

I own and operate Pretty Pooch Paws N' Spa in Cranbrook, BC. Pretty Pooch is a grooming salon, and retail store.

While advancing in dog grooming skills, I was introduced to dog shows. My first show/breeding dogs were Shetland sheep dogs. Then I had English pointers.

In 2003 I purchased my first Siberian Husky show dog female. The Siberian husky puppy I purchased was able to complete her Canadian Championship very easily, unfortunately I was never able to breed her but she was great learning experience.

I started to do much research to find out what type of Siberian I needed.

I wanted a dog that would become the foundation of my breeding program. My strict criteria lead me to a Siberian that had a good pedigree history, typically good health and excellent temperament. After much searching I found her. Cheerio (Playmor's A Thousand Cheers) came into my life (from Plymor’s Siberian Breeding Kennel). Not long after obtaining Cheerio, I purchased Bliss (Playmor’s Take Me Away).

These two exceptional Siberian Husky dogs, Cheerio and Bliss are my foundation at Kuvuk Kennels.

Margie Leopold wth her dog Jordon

Our Siberian Huskies are a delight to live with, as they are selected for excellent temperament.
For Siberian breed standard Kuvuk dogs have; athleticism, sturdy build, stature and fine proportion.

Canadian and Americian Champions

Many of our dogs have earned their Canadian Champion and/or American Champion Awards.

Our puppies have also won high standards in their classes at shows.